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Food service is far surpassing all other in-store categories in convenience store sales growth year after year. For the first time ever, food service eclipsed cigarettes in gross margin dollars in 2007, generating $9.9 billion in profits in just one year.

With numbers this staggering, it’s fair to ask - are you getting your piece of this pie? We know convenience and product selection are two things that continually draw consumers inside your store. That’s why we offer numerous lines of economically priced products and exclusive branded food service programs to turn your store into a destination.

What is C-Store Food Service?

Convenience store food service is the first step in rebranding your “gas station” into a food and convenience destination. Families looking for a quick take-home meal or professionals wanting something quick and easy for lunch will send your store into overdrive.

  • Hot Beverages
  • Roller Grill
  • Fountain Drinks
  • Fresh Programs
  • Hot Case
  • Cold Case
  • Ice Cream

Branded Food Service Programs

If you’re looking to increase profits substantially, adding a branded food service program will help you get there. Check out the types of programs we can offer:

Charlie Biggs' logo

Charley Biggs’

Charley Biggs’ Chicken ’N Sauce™ is the hottest fresh chicken concept to sweep the country in years! Charley Biggs’ recipe for success is simple: start with superior breadings and seasonings, add a touch of mouthwatering sauces and mix with the attitude and image of Charley Biggs. With dipping sauces in unique flavors including Apple, Bourbon and Hot Pepper, you end up with chicken so good and tempting, you’ll understand why Charley says... “It’s all good.”

  • On-trend rotisserie program including 6 flavored rubs
  • Easy to use operation standards and guidelines
  • No franchise fees, royalties or unreasonable menu restrictions
  • Flexibility to include menu items and flavor profiles catered towards your customers
  • In-store professionals that help guide you on each facet of your program, including: store layout, food preparation and presentation, employee training, equipment maintenance and marketing strategies
  • Marketing tools and solutions to help you drive sales, including: billboard concepts, radio spots, off-highway signs, direct mail programs and much more.

Godfathers Pizza logo

Godfather’s Pizza

Founded over 35 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska, Godfather’s Pizza is still providing the same great-tasting pizza using 100% mozzarella cheese and only the freshest ingredients. Today, this successful program is available to convenience and retail locations. Martin Bros. is privileged to have been a supplier to Godfather’s for over 12 years.

  • Pizza, breadsticks, sandwiches, chicken wings, desserts
  • Low fees
  • Great gross margins
  • Operation ease
  • Space flexibility
  • Expert support, including new products, exciting promotions, and initial and ongoing training programs
  • Popularity of brand and longevity of operation

Austin Blues BBQ logo

Austin Blues BBQ

BBQ has been on-trend in the Midwest since its inception many years ago in Kansas City. Now, with the exciting Austin Blues BBQ program through Hormel Foods and distributed by Martin Bros., it’s easy and cost effective to execute.

  • No special equipment necessary
  • Naturally smoked for up to 16 hours using real hardwood and not artificial smoke
  • Fully cooked, just heat and serve
  • Professional imaging and signage
  • No franchise fees
  • Flexible space requirements
  • Opening day help, training and retraining

Burrito Factory logo

Burrito Factory

Our exclusive Burrito Factory brand capitalizes on the continuous, growing trend towards ethnic food. Our signature sauce recipes created by our own culinary staff, offer a unique flavor in addition to the fresh ingredients and unmatched convenience. The Burrito Factory concept is a low-cost program that is unique to Martin Bros. customers. We offer complete set up and opening assistance, custom kitchen equipment and small wares packages, and custom marketing assistance. Best of all, there are no franchise fees which translates to more money in your pocket.

Equipment and Supplies

In addition to delivering foodservice with a difference we know how timely it can be to order everything from one distributor. This is why we offer a full-line of large and small equipment supplies and planning services including 10,000 small ware items for immediate delivery with weekly orders.

  • Ware washing and laundry service, programs and equipment
  • Janitortial and cleaning systems, products, service and equipment
  • Mechanical drawings/blue print services
  • Custom opening small wares packages
  • AutoQuotes system provides up-to-date specs and photos with our quotes
  • Delivery and installation services
  • Contract services

Professional Culinary Expertise

We are one of the only food service suppliers who have a dedicated team of experienced convenience store specialists who understand your business.

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