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Martin Bros. Distributing is bringing you up-to-date information on the food service business! Enjoy 10 editions of Dish!Exclusive Podcast a year! Each podcast has timely information about what’s trending in food service and how to incorporate it into your menu and operations! You’ll hear from different specialists throughout the company, including Culinary and Marketing, who can help you put together the pieces to success!

Dish!Exclusive #21 - 2018 Trends


Martin Bros. has made our list for 2018! Twelve trends that are a perfect fit for us here in the Midwest yet are also trending across the United States. So, what’s trending? What’s hot? Tune in to this edition of Dish! Exclusive to get all of the scoop!

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Dish!Exclusive #20 - Marketing, Social Media & The New Healthcare Regulations


Marketing and social media are amazing tools! However, there are certain things that you need to think about before using social media to market a senior living community.

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Dish!Exclusive #19 - Upselling Tips


Selling a table on beverages, appetizers, meal add-ons, desserts, gift cards and more can create incremental sales to help boost your business. Listen as we cover some great upselling tips and tricks to get you started.

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Dish!Exclusive #18 - All About Fall!


School’s back in and the leaves are beginning to fall! What can you do in foodservice to make the most of the fall season? What are the opportunities for driving additional business?

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