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Crusted Oysters

Keywords: Fish & Shellfish

Added: March 25, 2016

Place shucked oysters on a baking sheet. Top with Smoked Gouda Topping. Bake at 375°F until topping starts to brown.

You’ll need an oyster (371310), you’ll need an oyster knife and you’ll want a towel. Hold oyster firmly in one hand and knife in the other. Slip knife blade between top and bottom shell right by the hinge on the back. Drape a towel over your open palm and hold the oyster. Run the knife all the way around the oyster until you get to the other side. Using a twisting motion, pry the top and bottom shells apart, being gentle but firm so you don’t lose any of the liquid inside. Cut the oyster free from its shell. It will be connected by a tough knob on the underside. Slide your knife under this knob and sever it. crusted oysters
1/2 lb Butter
1 cup Breadcrumbs (415638; 415140)
1/2 lb Shullsburg Smoked Gouda Cheese (902181), shredded
As needed Salt
As needed Pepper
Place butter in food processor. Add breadcrumbs. Pulse few times to cut butter into breadcrumbs. Add cheese, salt and pepper. Pulse until you get a crumbly consistency. (Makes enough to top approximately 16-20 oysters.)

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