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Big Breakfast Skillet

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Added: October 11, 2018

3 each Sparboe Farms Grade A Large Eggs (380130)

8 oz Basic American Golden Grill® Seasoned Hashbrowns (602550), re-hydrated

2 slices Hormel Bacon 1™ – 18/22 Style – Fully Cooked (999950)

4 oz Tyson Black Oak Endless Rope Smoked Sausage – Fully Cooked (910000), sliced

As needed Anchor Unsalted Pure New Zealand Butter (929750)

1/4 cup Capital City Red Bell Pepper (361251), diced

1/4 cup Capital City Green Bell Pepper (361261), diced

2 Tbsp Capital City Yellow Onions (361077), diced

As needed Salt

As needed Pepper

As needed McCormick Garlic Salt (472361)

1-1/2 oz Finely Shredded Cheddar Jack Cheese (903148)

1 each General Mills Pillsbury™ Biscuit Dough Southern Style – 2.2 oz (983640)

PREP | In a skillet, melt butter over mediumhigh heat. Add peppers and onions; sauté for 1-2 minutes. Add sausage; continue to cook for an additional minute. Add hashbrowns and bacon, and add more butter if needed. Cook to a golden brown. Flip, season with salt, pepper and garlic salt and continue to cook. Top with cheese; cook until cheese is melted. Top with eggs cooked to customer’s request. Serve with biscuit.

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