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Ham Stuffed Baked Potato Served with Clam Chowder

Keywords: Pork, Pastas & Starches, Soups

Added: January 30, 2019

1 each — Wholesale Russet Potato (361861), baked

2 oz — Tyson Hillshire Farm® Boneless Black Oak Pit Ham (915110), heated, julienned

2 oz — Wholesale Broccoli (360062), steamed, florets

1 oz — Land O’Lakes Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese (354590)

1 each — Hormel Bacon 1™ Fully Cooked Bacon (999950), heated, chopped

1 Tbsp — Green Onion (361010), chopped

8 oz — Kraft Heinz Boston Clam Chowder (943210), prepared

As needed — Pepper

PREP | Split baked potato open. Stuff with everything except clam chowder. Serve stuffed baked potato with clam chowder.

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