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Added: May 01, 2019

3 each — B&R Beef Sticks (931887), cut into smaller sticks

3 each — B&R Cheddar Cheese Beef Sticks (931888), cut into smaller sticks

2 each — B&R Dill Habanero Cheese Beef Sticks (931889), cut into smaller sticks

3 oz — B&R Sliced Dried Beef (933621)

1-1/2 oz — Smithfield Carando® Sliced Prosciutto (955340)

1-1/2 oz — Fortune Beemster Premium Goat Cheese (381612), sliced

2 oz — Hickory Smoked Cheddar (352070), cubed or sliced

1-1/2 oz — Swiss Cheese (903818), sliced or cubed

1/4 cup — Bell-Carter Lindsay Large Pitted Olives (611520)

1/4 cup — Rema World Horizons Stuffed Queen Olives (611010)

1/2 cup — Bay Valley Schwartz’s Sweet Whole Gherkins Pickles (610231)

1 oz — Azar Chef Xpress Candied Pecans (344568)

As needed — Blue Cheese Spread (see recipe)

PREP | Build board with ingredients. Serve with crackers or baguette slices.



1 lb — Kraft Heinz Philadelphia Cream Cheese (903718), softened

1 lb — Fortune Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese (389315)

As needed — Salt

As needed — Pepper

PREP | Mix ingredients together.

YIELD | 8-12

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