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Hotel & Motel

Welcome to Foodservice with a Difference!

Martin Bros. provides hotel and motel customers with the solutions that help make their foodservice operations successful. From branded programs to non-food items and equipment to online tools and much more, we can help make dining and snacking options an appealing amenity for your destination!

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Convenience Solutions

Convenience is important to travelers. You can make your guests’ stay more convenient by offering on-site meal, snack and beverage options. Martin Bros. has the products, equipment and know-how to make any foodservice setup - from complimentary choices to complete branded programs - a success for your operation.

Chestnut Creek Roasters Coffee

Martin Bros. has partnered with Victor Allen to create a special coffee program to fill your customers’ cups. For the many travelers that enjoy a good cup of coffee, Chestnut Creek Roasters delivers. From bean selection to roasting techniques and merchandising, this coffee is high quality. Chestnut Creek Roasters will set your destination apart with its unique name and great taste.

Please ask a Martin Bros. sales representative for more information about Chestnut Creek Roasters and the wide selection of additional branded programs available through Martin Bros.

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Martin Bros. has the ability to work with you to market your branded programs with custom imaging and point of sale. From menu boards to table tents and flyers and much more, we can help you promote your dining, snacking and beverage options and drive sales.

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Non-Food Solutions

Martin Bros. is your source for disposable items from tableware to packaging and more.

Martin Bros. also offers a full line of the highest quality janitorial, laundry and dishwashing products, equipment, leasing options, customized programs, training and service.

  • Largest supply of janitorial products and equipment offered by any foodservice distributor in Iowa
  • State-of-the-art equipment that allows only the proper amount of chemical to be used
  • Large selection of leased equipment available with product use
  • Preventative maintenance service calls on all equipment leased through Martin Bros.
  • 24 hour a day, 365 day a year emergency service and support on all equipment leased through Martin Bros.
  • One-on-one, group and video training on handling and use is your online resource for order entry, inventory management tools, new products, rebates and more.

Available information and services include: New Items, Promotions, Coupons, Flyers, Catalogs, Close-Outs, Shopping List, Inventory, Product Nutrition Reference, Food Cost Calculator, ServSafe Courses, Video Library, Merchandising, Videos, Links, Reports and much more.

Features include:

  • Information including your driver’s name, estimated time of arrival and estimated number of pieces for your delivery.
  • Inventory system allows you to track what you have on hand from Martin Bros. as well as from other distributors.
  • Food cost calculator calculates raw food cost, food cost percentage and sell price.
  • Access to purchase history reports that allow you to pull data as far back as January 1 of the previous calendar year.
  • Access to a year’s worth of invoices and credits.
  • Access to a list of coupons tracked for you through our ACRS (Automatic Coupon Retrieval System) program.
  • Support personnel that can assist and train you on all applications available online.