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Online Experience

Experience the ultimate upgrade in a distributor website –

Order Entry

Online Ordering

Martin Bros. leads the competition in order management with our flexible Order Entry system. Our custom-built interface allows customers to order new items, re-order items from a custom order guide, change delivery date and more.

  • Create multiple order guides.
  • Build and edit order guides or have Martin Bros. create them.
  • Set an item sequence to find items easily.
  • Each item displays a 13-week order history, date last ordered and quantity on hand in the Martin Bros. warehouse.
  • Orders entered by 4:30pm can be delivered the next day.

MB Mobile

Customers can get access to their account and order products through the MB Mobile web app. Our mobile site allows users to place orders conveniently from anywhere using a mobile device.


Our rebate tracking system, ACRS (Automatic Coupon Retrieving System), tracks all purchased products that are eligible for qualifying manufacturer rebates. Martin Bros. sales consultants deliver these rebates and tracking reports to customers for them to submit for redemption. This means less paperwork and tracking responsibilities for our customers and money back in their pockets.

Product Information screenshot

Product Information offers all of the information needed to select the perfect products. Photos, ingredient listings, storage and preparation instructions, nutritional and allergen information, manufacturer links, recipe ideas and more are available. The site is also always up-to-date with the newest products and money-saving promotions.



Get the data necessary to make smart business decisions on

  • Delivery information including driver’s name, estimated time of arrival and estimated number of pieces.
  • Purchase history with data as far back as January 1 of the previous calendar year.
  • One year’s worth of invoices and credits, which are updated within days.
  • Tools to organize, manage and analyze inventory.

Profit Analyzer

Profit Analyzer

Customers can take control of pricing and profit margins with Martin Bros. Profit Analyzer. Profit Analyzer allows users and their sales consultants to work together to maximize profitability by calculating profit margins from individual ingredients all the way up to a full menu.

  • Track all ingredients used in each plate.
  • Easily adjust portions.
  • Product costs are updated automatically to save time.
  • View all plates to quickly identify dishes that need pricing adjustments.
  • Monitor sales for all plates to see what dishes are driving revenue and identify sales opportunities.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Our inventory management tool allows customers to organize, manage and analyze inventory, including non-Martin Bros. items, from one easy-to-use interface.

  • Inventory reports provide a great behind-the-scenes breakdown of items including on-hand quantities, purchases by vendor and item usage.
  • Create custom categories.
  • All reports can be printed, emailed or viewed online via any desktop or mobile device.
  • Set par levels and compare to quantities on-hand.


Education & Training

We keep customers and their staff members in-the-know with an assortment of educational materials.

  • Videos featuring chefs’ tips, cooking techniques, recipe demonstrations and product information.
  • An archive of educational webinars and presentations on a variety of topics, many eligible for Continuing Education Unit credit.
  • A collection of training games for in-services.
  • Recipe gallery with dozens of culinary ideas.



Utilize a database of recipe ideas from our online Recipe Gallery. Search or browse by keyword through a collection of over a hundred recipes to find inspiration and ideas on everything from appetizers to desserts.


Downloads offers a wealth of downloadable resources. Access our archive of information-packed newsletters, a collection of useful signs, charts and other tools for your back-of-the-house operations, product catalogs and guides and much more. Cafeteria operators can also access our assortment of colorful menu templates, while restaurant operators can build and print their own custom kids’ menus.



Stay current with what’s happening at Martin Bros! Learn about upcoming events, educational opportunities, new services, product introductions and more.

Support Representative


Access to includes a full compliment of support resources. We offer in-person training on all website features, internet-based training and troubleshooting, phone-based technical support, help documentation and a live chat help desk.

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Segment-Specific Features

In addition to all of the great features offered to every customer, Martin Bros. has an array of tools and resources for specific business segments.

B2B Services
  • Website Builder – Complete website hosting and management solution for restaurants.
  • Simply MenusHealthcare and school foodservice tool for planning menus, including nutritional planning.
  • Theme Meal Magic – Party ideas that help healthcare customers turn mealtimes into special events.
  • School Nutrition & Wellness – Collection of resources for helping school customers comply with food nutrition regulations.
  • Nurse NetMedical supplies customers can get answers from our network of expert consultant nurses.
  • Med Connect – Simple-to-use system to control inventory, charge residents and run billing reports for nursing and medical supplies customers.
MartinsMart home page

Our business portal was created to be the one-stop destination for all of our customers’ online ordering, education and tracking needs. The segment-customized design ensures that users see only the tools and resources relevant to their business while our live support staff is available for questions as they arise.

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