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Food safety is a top priority for our team. For the last 10+ years, Martin Bros. has received an “Excellent” rating from independent safety organizations on all HACCP and sanitation audits.

Roy Martin and Glen Martin
Roy Martin at Martin Bros. first warehouse

Every shipment that comes into our facility is thoroughly inspected for any possible contaminants or issues before it is accepted. It is also temperature-checked at regular intervals during unloading, automatically prompted by the equipment the receiving team uses.

All cold products are received on and then shipped from special refrigerated docks, and the entire warehouse has been specially outfitted for food safety. There are several different temperature zones allowing for products to be stored in their optimal conditions. Computers monitor all of these storage zones, and Martin Bros. employs a refrigeration specialist that deals with any issues that arise as well as quality inspectors for the refrigerated area.

In addition, our inventory is maintained on a first in first out policy, our teams use a number of verifications and reports to guarantee safety and quality and our entire warehouse is thoroughly cleaned once a month.

At the end of every day, the compliance manager reviews records and makes sure that all of the processes were performed according to regulations.

Finally, our food safety commitment continues even after the products leave our warehouse for delivery. Each delivery is made with refrigerated equipment to maintain safe product temperatures. Every trailer has monitoring devices, and all delivery personnel are trained in food safety and know how to properly deal with the elements of all four distinct Midwest seasons.

Not to mention that should a manufacturer choose to issue a recall, our selection process and inventory tracking allow us to determine where each recalled product was delivered, work closely with customers to inform them of the situation and take steps to resolve it.

Martin Bros. takes great pride in being a trusted full-line food service distributor, and we are constantly raising the bar for compliance. Our dedication to food service safety stretches across all channels of our business. When businesses come to Martin Bros. for their food service, equipment and supply needs, they rest assured knowing that they are working with one of the safest, highest-ranked food distribution companies in the country.

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