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At Martin Bros. Distributing, we help to improve your profit margins and make your food service business financially healthy for the long term. Our Profit Analyzer tool and Rebate tracking system are responsible for increasing efficiency for hundreds of clients.

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Profit Analyzer

Our Profit Analyzer tool allows you and your sales consultants to work together to maximize profitability, calculating profit margins for everything from individual ingredients to full food service menus.

With the tool, you can track all of the ingredients used in every plate and easily adjust portion sizes as you see fit. Every time you make a change, the product costs are updated in real time to make the process significantly easier and less time-consuming for your business. You also have the option to view all of your plates to quickly identify the dishes that need to have their prices adjusted.

The Profit Analyzer enables you to monitor your overall sales, see what dishes are driving revenue and ultimately identify and capitalize on sales opportunities for your food service company.

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Maintaining Control Over Food Service Costs And Inventory

The Martin Bros. inventory management tool allows your food service company to organize, manage and analyze your inventory, including non-Martin Bros. items, from a single, easy-to-use interface.

These inventory reports provide a detailed behind-the-scenes breakdown of all food service supplies and equipment at your location, including quantities on hand, purchases organized by vendor and item usage statistics. You can also create custom categories of your own to improve and personalize your food equipment inventory. You can then email, print or view these reports online from any desktop or mobile device.

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Easy Rebate Tracking Methods

Our team at Martin Bros. tracks every NACUF rebate report to include Value Plus and Star Awards. We pledge to manage every coupon offered in the marketplace.

Our Automatic Coupon Redemption Service (ACRS) makes getting rebates simpler than ever. Through this service, we put all vendor coupons directly into our system, and then overlay your purchases against them. We give you a full report of the coupon amount for which you qualify, along with a detailed purchase statement and tracking history. Once you’ve signed, stamped and mailed it, you’ll get a check in the mail with your rebate.

The size of the food service distributor can also play a major role in pricing and discounts. Are distributors able to make purchases in truckloads? Do they buy in quantities that may lead to the best into-stock costs?

We are the largest independent food service equipment distributor in the state, which means we offer the best costs. The difference between truckload and half-truckload purchases might not seem like much initially, but over time the savings build up. By purchasing in truckloads, you reduce costs and save a great deal of money in the long run.

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Valuable Nutrition And Kitchen Guides

You can access some additional valuable resources at, including newsletters packed with information, plenty of useful signs, charts and other tools for your food service operations, product catalogs and guides and so much more. Cafeteria operators will appreciate the numerous colorful menu templates we have to offer, and restaurant operators can design and print custom kids’ menus.

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