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Effortlessy maintain pristine floors in your foodservice establishment with our innovative fleet of floor cleaning robots.

Cenobots SP50 robot



Introducing the world’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled autonomous floor-cleaning robot. Capable of detecting more than 30 different types of waste and debris with a 99% accuracy, the SP50 can reliably and intelligently perform auto spot-cleaning.

  • Works on soft/hard floors and carpets, with an unbeatable cleaning efficiency.
  • More than 30 different types of waste and debris can be automatically detected and classified, with 99% accuracy.
  • Automatically adjusts area and methods of cleaning to the amount, size and type of waste and debris it detects – without any human intervention.
  • Even the debris closest, less than 2 inches, from the wall can be removed.
  • No need to manually change the internal map in the event of any changes in the environment, the SP50 automatically resumes from a lost location.
Cenobots L50 robot



Provides exceptional cleaning productivity and performance, making it an excellent cleaning partner. Equipped with a 14.5 gallon water tank and 120 Ah capacity battery, this scrubber can efficiently cover a larger surface area in less time.

  • Equipped with multiple sensors and a 3D, 360-degree comprehensive safety protection system.
  • Can operate at a distance of less than 2 inches from the wall and adapt its mapping to changes in the environment without any human intervention.
  • Easy to maintain, thanks to its automatic refill and drain water system, as well as its charge and discharge capabilities, which are accessible through the one-stop service docking station.
  • Modular components and intuitive interior design make it very easy to perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

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When considering automation, it’s important to understand the cost-effectiveness for your business. Use our Return On Investment (ROI) calculator PDFs to estimate the number of months it will take to see a return on your robotic investment.

L50 SP50

SP50 in Action

L50 in Action

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