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Richtech Matradee L robot



Matradee L is a fully-autonomous food service robot with a smile. Delight guests while increasing your restaurant’s efficiency. Matradee L serves food while interacting with customers, providing an unforgettable experience.

  • Serve and bus dishes autonomously.
  • Advanced facial recognition for customized interactions.
  • Reliable obstacle avoidance for smooth deliveries.
  • Full text-to-speech capability.
  • An all-day battery life of 12-15 hours to work long shifts or nights.
  • Can also act as a host, leading customers to their tables.
  • Multiple operational modes to best fit your business.
  • Sings happy birthday and dances to entertain your guests.

Calculate your potential labor savings

When considering automation, it’s important to understand the cost-effectiveness for your business. Use our Return On Investment (ROI) calculator to estimate the number of months it will take to see a return on your robotic investment.

Download ROI Calculator PDF (Matradee-L)

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