Every shipment that comes into our facility is thoroughly inspected for any possible contaminants or issues before they are accepted. They are also temperature-checked at regular intervals during unloading, according to the product mix and the length of time it takes to unload the food service equipment and products. These prompts automatically occur via the radio frequency equipment the receiving team uses.

At the end of every day, the compliance manager reviews the unloading records and makes sure that all of the processes were performed according to regulations. All cold products are received and then shipped from special, refrigerated docks.

The warehouse facility has also been specially outfitted for food safety. There are several different temperature zones allowing for products to be stored in their optimal conditions. Computers monitor all of these storage zones are constantly monitored to ensure the food service products stay at their proper temperature ranges. We also employ a refrigeration specialist whose job is to deal with any issues that arise, along with quality inspectors in the refrigerated area. This helps us ensure all products are stored properly and that they’re able to meet their maximum shelf life.

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Technology To Ensure Food Service Safety

We maintain our product inventory with an advanced warehouse management system. All products are first in, first out to prevent them from sitting too long. Inventory and quality control teams use a number of verifications and reports to ensure food service supplies are properly maintained for the purposes of safety and quality.

The whole facility is thoroughly cleaned once a month. This has resulted in our warehouse team receiving annual excellent ratings from the ASI since the program began, which puts Martin Bros. among the top 1 percent of food service distributors in the nation.

Our food safety commitment continues even after the products leave our warehouse for delivery. Each delivery is made with refrigerated equipment to maintain safe product temperatures. Every trailer has monitoring devices, and all delivery personnel are trained in food safety and know how to properly deal with the elements of all four distinct Midwest seasons.

Should a manufacturer choose to issue a recall, our selection process and inventory tracking techniques allow us to determine where each recalled product has been delivered, and then work closely with customers to inform them of the situation and resolve it. As soon as we are notified of a product recall, we call you directly to make sure it gets taken care of.

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