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Fiesta Sausage & Potatoes

Keywords: Pork, Pastas & Starches

Added: September 27, 2013

Makes: 30 1 cup servings

1 box Basic American Classic Casserole Scalloped Potatoes (602690)
2 qt Kemps Heavy Whipping Cream (347225)
3 qt Water
4 oz Kemps Butter (995010)
3 lb Sara Lee Galileo Mild Italian Rope Sausage, cooked, sliced (918390)
4 cups Simplot RoastWorks Corn & Black Bean Fiesta (961190)
1-1/2 lb Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
As needed Bix Basil (391000)

Heat cream, water and butter; add scalloped potatoes. Stir in sausage, fiesta mix and half of the cheese. Bake as directed on potatoes package. When ready to serve, top with remaining cheese and finish with basil.

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