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Pineapple BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Keywords: Pork, Sandwiches & Wraps

Added: September 26, 2014


16 oz Sara Lee Carver’s Collection Pork Roast (915350)
4 each Rotella’s Rosette Hamburger Buns (999930)
4 oz Ventura Smokehouse 220 Sweet & Spicy Barbecue Sauce (631800)
4 oz Dole Chef-Ready Pineapple Puree (572730)
1 tsp McCormick Crushed Red Pepper (472581; 475721)
12 oz Mrs. Gerry’s Extra Creamy Coleslaw (905315)
4 oz Stella Blue Cheese Crumbles (903758; 903870)
1 tsp McCormick Cajun Seasoning (472171; 472781)
5 oz McCain Brew City Beer Battered Skin-On Maxi Fries (960870)

1. Cook pork as directed; set aside to rest; pull.

2. Blend barbecue sauce, pineapple puree and red pepper.

3. Mix coleslaw, blue cheese crumbles and Cajun seasoning.

4. Toss pulled pork with barbecue sauce mixture.

5. Plate pork topped with coleslaw mixture in bun.

6. Serve with fries.

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