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Manhattan Strip Steak with Cauliflower Puree & Grilled Vegetables

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Added: April 30, 2015

 Manhattan Strip Steak

Cut steaks thicker than normal. Trim fat. You can make it look like a filet if you like. The two most important things to this cut are just making it thicker and trimming it. Season with salt and pepper. Grill to desired doneness.


Cauliflower Puree

Makes: 3-5 servings

1 each Cauliflower (360360; 360362), cut into smaller pieces
3 each Wholesale Yukon Gold Potatoes (361880), peeled, quartered
As needed Custom Culinary Gold Label Savory Roasted Vegetable Base (581480)

Add everything to a pot of water. Simmer until tender. Drain water, reserving a cup. Place cauliflower and potatoes in a food processor. Pulse until starts to become smooth. Add seasonings as desired. Continue to puree until mixture is smooth. If you want a looser consistency, add reserved liquid. If you want a tighter consistency, add grated parmesan cheese.


Grilled Vegetables

2 each Cherry Tomatoes (362120; 362125), halved
1 each Paris Brothers Cervasi Roman Style Artichoke Hearts with Stems (601440), halved
3 each Paris Brothers Cervasi Cippolini Onions in Balsamic Vinegar (601450), halved
2-3 oz Custom Culinary Whisk & Serve Demi-Glace Sauce Mix (501700), prepared

Grill vegetables. Add onions to demi-glace.


To Plate:

Plate cauliflower puree. Top with steak, artichokes, tomatoes and demi-glace mixed with onions.

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