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Pulled BBQ Salmon Sliders with Apple Slaw

Keywords: Fish & Shellfish, Sandwiches & Wraps

Added: May 20, 2015

18 each Slider Buns
5 lb High Liner FPI® Pulled BBQ Salmon (928550), cooked
As needed Apple Slaw (recipe below)
2 cups Tampa Maid Harvest Creations Flour Coated
Pickle Chips (926930), fried

Lay out slider bun bottoms. Top each with about 1/2 oz salmon. Top with pinch of Apple Slaw. Top with 2-3 fried pickles. Top with top bun. Hold together with toothpick.

Apple Slaw
3 each Wholesale Granny Smith Apples (370771), julienned
1 each Capital City Medium Red Onion (361110), sliced thin
1 Tbsp C.H. Robinson Cilantro (360490), rough chopped
2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 each Limes
To taste Salt
To taste Pepper

In mixing bowl, add apple, onion, cilantro and olive oil. Squeeze juice of both limes over mixture. Season with salt and pepper.

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