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Whole Smoked Salmon

Keywords: Fish & Shellfish

Added: October 22, 2015

Fish Guys Whole Smoked Salmon (370440 – 1/8-10 lb)

- There are so many items that can be served with smoked salmon. Serve with onions, capers, cream cheese, lemons, shrimp, dill sauce, olives, crackers, baguettes, dips, cucumbers, tomatoes…and the list goes on.

- You can serve smoked salmon with the bones or boneless.

- If you want boneless, taking the time to remove the bones can be time consuming. Here’s how to do it: Place the side of the salmon you want to show off down on a cutting board. On the side now facing up, cut along the top of the fish and remove the skin. Using a boning knife, slice down to the bones. It will break up some, which is okay. Gently pull the bones out. Place the broken-apart salmon on the serving platter or board you will be presenting it on. Then, carefully place the remaining full salmon on top on the serving platter/board with the other side up - the side you want to show off - and remove the skin on that side.

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