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Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich Platter

Keywords: Poultry

Added: September 20, 2019

4-5 oz —Michigan Turkey Golden Legacy Oven Roasted Skin-On Turkey Breast (978770), sliced

2 slices —Franklin Street Bakery Cranberry Wild Rice Bread (964300)

1 oz —Fortune Marieke Golden Gouda Cheese (389868), sliced

1/2 oz —Bix Spinach (361175)

As needed —Cranberry Cream Cheese (see recipe)

PREP | Build sandwich. Serve with 5 oz Lamb Weston Potato Dippers™ (969310) and 2 oz dipping sauce of choice.



1 lb —Kraft Heinz Philadelphia Cream Cheese (903718)

3/4 cup —Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce (750060)

1 Tbsp —Fancy Naval Orange (376540), grated rind

1-2 Tbsp —Powdered Sugar

PREP | Mix all ingredients together.

YIELD | 16

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