Engaging your long-term-care community is a crucial part of your growth as a healthcare service provider. The team at Martin Bros. is pleased to offer a variety of resources to help you plan better meals and events for your senior living and healthcare community.

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Mpower Menus

More than 500 users in the Midwest regularly use our Mpower Menus program, and it has proven to be highly adaptable to all of the industry’s ever-changing policies, regulations and goals. It includes some helpful reports about nutritional and cost analysis, quantified recipes, production guides and diet spreadsheets.

Mpower also enables you to create a customized web-based menu system, taking into account the following needs:

  • Controlling costs - Get a real-time estimated cost for meals and recipes per day and week, and scale your recipes to meet your exact needs. You may change the menu any time to take advantage of sales or opportunities to make smart, budget purchases. You may also create daily production guides to track overproduction.
  • Flexibility - Mpower allows you to access your menus from any device with an Internet connection, giving you complete access to thousands of standardized recipes with HACCP guidelines.

    You can change individual food items within a meal or swap out entire meals or days at any time. You may also customize the style of service, choosing from options like restaurant-style, buffet-style, open breakfast, dessert/salad carts and various others.
  • Customer needs - Regularly use the system’s nutrient profile to ensure your residents’ dietary needs are being met. When needed, you can create brand-new therapeutic diets.
  • Complement with additional resources - The Mpower tools complement other Martin Bros. resources well. You can get a dietitian review of your menu for your nursing home or healthcare facility and advice for how you can improve it. You can also develop organized recipe books and make post-able and table menus to market your food service program.
  • Guest Card Application - Mpower has a great link to the Guest Card Application. This makes it easier to track weight, store and customize resident-specific information, and access reports like selective menus, guest cards, snack labels, diet rosters and profile reports.

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Theme Meal Magic

This online resource is a client favorite. It allows you to exercise your creativity and put together unique, fun meals and events that encourage participation from your residents. Choose from more than 80 special event packages, complete with printable signs, puzzles, games and decorations. These resources include activity ideas that are ready to launch, complete with engaging scripts.

Theme Meal Magic allows you to use a fun and different party idea every month without repeating one for years! In addition to the menu ideas and information on more promotional products, it provides you with adaptable activities you can include in your party and more links to other valuable resources.

Some examples of our party themes include Beatnik, Tennessee Tuxedo, Bell Bottom, Howdy Doody, Mad Hatter Tea Party, Backward Party, Pigskin and Hippie.

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The Martin Bros. team has become a key component in the development and management of our menu process. Their chef, dietitian, and sales team have worked with our culinary managers to create menus and recipes that delight our residents. Dining/nutrition is one of our four pillars and is a key aspect of every day in the lives of the people we serve. The Martin Bros. team understands our philosophy.

Doug Anderson – VP of Marketing & Communications, New Perspective Senior Living

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